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Our chef

Gérard Fort

It could be said that truly classic French fare must come from the heart of a truly classic French chef.
A native of western France, Gérard Fort touched down in Quebec in 1991 and followed his heart straight to the kitchen of Bonaparte, where it remains today.

Having worked in the South of France, Auvergne, Savoy and his native Vendée region, Chef Fort lovingly loads his plates with distinct regional flavours and an unmistakably French signature.

Bon appétit!

A native of western France, Gérard Fort headed for the kitchen of the Bonaparte as soon as he arrived in Quebec in 1991. Having worked in the Auvergne, Savoy, the south of France and his native Vendée region, he fills his plates with regional flavors and an essentially traditional French cuisine.

For those seeking authenticity in fine classical French cooking, the Bonaparte has become a standard, just like the dishes for which the restaurant has won renown: lobster with vanilla, house wild game terrine, mushroom ravioli, duck confit…

 For Gérard Fort, his loyal brigade as well as our regulars, taking these classics off the menu would be unthinkable!

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