À la Carte – Lunch


Mushroom raviolis seasoned with fresh sage sauce   15

“Provençale” style tartlet of snail fricassee with parsley garlic garnish   15

 Three cheese tartar, olive oil and tarragon   16

 Homemade smoked salmon, fresh vegetables and truffle oil   17

 Shrimp and scallop harmony flavoured with vanilla and fondue of leeks   17

 Crème brûlée and pan seared duck foie gras on gingerbread toasts   19

 Lobster salad with hazelnut oil and maple syrup   23


Scallop delight with truffle oil and mushroom fricassee   42

Red tuna steak with sesame seeds, balsamic reduction and onion compote   46

Lobster stew flavoured with vanilla and Muscat wine, with a swirl of fresh pasta   49

Dover sole fillet seasoned with “meunière” style fresh herbs and pine nuts   50

Roasted duck breast flavoured with maple syrup and wild berries   39

Beef fillet mignon seasoned with peppercorns and cognac   46

Roasted rack of lamb with “niçoise” style ratatouille   48

Veal chop with mushroom sauce   50