Table d’hôte

(As an example only, The table d’hôte menu changes daily)

Spinach velouté

Mixed greens and its Champagne vinaigrette

Homemade venison terrine and its onion glaze

Smoked herring fillet Hot brie cheese on toast over a bed of greens

* * * *

Chicken breast with curry and mango

Ham and cheese omelet

Pork medallions sweet and sour sauce

Pan-sautéed shrimp with fine herbs

Salmon tournedos, bell-pepper marinade

Deer stew over a fresh swirl of pasta

Roasted Monkfish fillet, saffron sauce

Beef fillet in red wine sauce

* * * *

Caramel flan

Chocolate mousse

Fresh fruit salad

Lemon & lime pie with meringue

* * *

Brewed coffee or tea